Welcome to ‘Before You Watch This’.

Watching videos has become a part of our life. Be it watching movies, animated films, educational lectures or some funny ones. Everyday we consume a lot of content in audio-visual format. When we do that we don’t always know if a video is good before clicking it. Some of them are click bait as well that destroy our mood.

Although I don’t say this website is a perfect solution to the problem, what I am doing here is that I’ll personally (not A.I. generated suggested videos) recommend any video that I find interesting. I’ll add a short description that doesn’t tell you much about the video but just enough to get you excited or warn you if this video contains something that you might not like. From time to time I’ll add movie reviews as well since best kinds of videos to watch are good movies.

So if you do like what I recommend follow this blog to get new recommendations straight to your e-mail.

Here the videos I recommend span from Movies, Documentaries, Funny clips to Science videos, etc. But in case you are looking for a specific category, pick one from below:


Road to WandaVision | WBF | An MCU video

I apologize for this shameless plugging in advance. I have recently started a YouTube channel dedicated to world building. Here I talk about ambitious IPs that tell stories on a grander scale by building their fantasy worlds, creating interesting characters and telling unique stories. For starters I talk about Marvel/DC, Disney and Pixar movies. I […]


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